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Potential Place Mental Health & Addictions Counselling

You do not need to be a member of Clubhouse in order to access our counselling services

Who Are We?

We are a mental health and addictions counselling program that aids individuals struggling with addiction and/or mental health concerns in finding the road to recovery. Our free program is built on a strengths-based foundation; utilizing CBT and mindfulness techniques. We offer weekly group-therapy sessions, along with individual therapy, to assist our clients in creating a brighter, healthier future for themselves. We strive to meet the unique, individual needs of each client, and offer the flexibility to tailor our services to work for each client’s unique treatment plan.

Our services are free of charge, voluntary, and confidential.

Who We Serve

Adults 18 years and older, who are motivated and committed to implement positive changes in their lives, and are ready to take the next step towards recovery.

Our Mission

Addiction is only a small part your story, our mission is to provide insight and healing towards all aspects of your story, and work towards recovery using a strength-based approach. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve wellness by fostering a safe and supportive environment focused on experiential learning and skills-based practice.


Recovery is not a cure, but a journey. The road to recovery has several obstacles and cracks to fall through, but with effective coping skills, healthy thinking patterns, and self-awareness and discovery, the journey can still be beautiful.


Honesty (for yourself and others)

Engagement (through experience and practice)

Compassion (for oneself and for others)

The Road to Recovery, where addiction is only a small part of your story

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