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Employment Program

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The Need

Work makes wellness. 1 in 5 Calgarians will struggle with a mental illness at some point in their life. Mental illness, often exacerbates issues around finding and maintaining employment.

We work to break this cycle by providing support for members within our organization… but we need your help.

You can help our members build and strengthen valuable job skills and maintain a strong work ethic. In doing so you will help empower members to be successful.

Working with businesses like yours, we can help hundreds or even thousands return to work. All we need is for your business to open its doors to someone who wants to work and be a functional, valuable member of your team.

The Mission

Potential Place is dedicated to maintaining a community for individuals with mental illness through participation, personal development, and individual empowerment.

Our Employment Model

Our employment program offers tremendous benefits not only to our Clubhouse members, but to your business as well.

We ensure that the Clubhouse member that fills your available position is at least as competent and capable as someone you would find through other means. They are stable, motivated people that are actively seeking to regain their employability and return to society.

We help train our members – at no cost to you – to fill your available opportunities.

More than anything else, our members want to work: they are eager to regain their place in the workforce. How might a motivated, enthusiastic team member benefit your business?

The Job

The employment program is anchored around part-time entry-level positions, usually between six and nine months in length, that offer between 12 to 20 working hours per week. If you have a full time position (37.5 – 40 hours per week) that can be split into two part-time positions, this would satisfy the employment needs of two members.

Your business works directly with us. When we have a clear understanding of the role, the skills it requires, and the type of person you’re looking for, we will select a member that appropriately meets the position’s criteria.

Employer Benefits

  • No recruitment costs
  • No absenteeism – positions always supported & filled as needed
  • Members are eager and motivated to work
  • No training costs
  • No turnover

Member Benefits

  • Access to part-time positions
  • Gain new skills and work experience
  • Earn their own income



We would like to say thank you to The Calgary Foundation and their Community Grant Program! 

We have been awarded a grant for $44,715 that has greatly assisted Potential Place’s Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment Unit.

Current Supporting Employers

How it Works

Step One - Consultation

Our commitment begins with a consultation to make sure that the job is suitable for our membership. This includes sending one of our staff to your work-site to learn the job and ensure that our members can perform the duties in accordance with your expectations.

Step Two - Member Training & Placement

Potential Place members are trained on the job until they are ready to perform their work independently, productively, and to your company standards.

Members are paid directly by you. However unlike staffing agencies, we do not receive a commission or referral fee.

We will maintain contact with you, especially during the beginning phases, to monitor progress, the relationship, and overall satisfaction from all parties. Over time, we gradually reduce our involvement as the member gains confidence and proficiency in their duties.

Should a member be absent for any reason whatsoever, a staff member will cover the job at no cost to you. After 6 to 9 months and at a time that is best suitable to the employer, we will rotate another qualified member into the position.

Step Three - The Continuum

A foundational element of the employment program is the member seeking new opportunities after completing their six to nine months of employment. This allows the position to become available for a new member, while allowing the other person to continue their professional development in a more permanent supported or independent employment environment.

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